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FAQ - frequently asked questions and answers

What are the opening hours of the Dobruška - Pulice branch?

Opening hours are from 08:00 to 16:00, also on weekends by phone.

Is there a price list available?

Yes, in the Practical information - price list tab you will find selected catalytic converters for which we have published the price. If you haven't found your catalytic converter or particulate filter here, please contact us and we will let you know the price immediately.

If it is a quantity of 5 or more standard catalytic converters, it is possible to arrange for collection.

In the case of less than 5 pcs, we prefer transport by a freight forwarding company.

If I have a larger quantity of material and would like to bring it to you, is it necessary to make an appointment?

In any case, it's better to let us know in advance when you might arrive so that we can set aside time for you, so you don't have to wait and so that we can give you our full attention.

Can you tell me over the phone how much you will pay for the catalytic converter?

We are able to determine the estimated price from the photos and type designation. We will determine the final price after an initial inspection in our plant.

Can I sell a catalytic converter as an individual?

Unfortunately, the legislation does not allow this option. Catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters can only be purchased from legal entities. HoweveWhat are the payment options for the goods delivered?r, it is possible to use a Power of Attorney form and arrange with a business that has a trade to broker the sale on its behalf. The signature on the Power of Attorney must be officially certified.

JWhat are the payment options for the goods delivered?

For residents of the Czech Republic, payment can be made in CZK or EUR (according to the current exchange rate). For others in cash up to 200 thousand CZK. CZK and amounts higher by transfer to a bank account.

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