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History of the company

It all started 16 years ago, when the then predecessor Catalycon s.r.o. started buying catalytic converters for MS Beauty GmbH, which already had a catalytic converter processing plant. The resulting material was processed by Duesmann & Hensel GmbH. Over time, capital was raised to purchase its own processing technology, and the Dobruška - Pulice plant was established.

In the building, which was part of the former brickyard, the original building was reconstructed and adapted for the reception and processing of catalysts. Over time, we worked our way up to a direct sale to one of the largest refineries in the world. This ensures the highest purchase price.

workplace for cutting material

The plant consists of a workplace for cutting material with hydraulic shears, the material is homogenized by ball mills, barrel and rotary mills, used according to the amount of material processed. At the same time, dust is extracted from the entire area by means of an air handling system and subsequent filtration. The results are then analysed using Olympus and Vanta spectrometers.