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Redemption options and conditions

Our company deals with the purchase of automotive catalytic converters with ceramic and metal carrier, complete and damaged but also the monolith itself. We also buy particulate filters.

Send us a photo of the catalyst

With a visible marking code number. We will send you a quotation within 24 hours. If the price is accepted, we will send you a draft purchase contract immediately. You need to fill in your nationality here.

The final price of the catalyst will be determined after transportation by a freight forwarding company and subsequent inspection by a professional employee of our company. Payment is made within 24 hours after the final price is agreed.

The second option is to arrange a date by phone at +420 777 775 676 and bring the catalytic converter or DPF directly to the plant for pricing. Or in case of sale of 5 or more pieces, we can arrange a date for delivery.

We will only take over the catalyst, which can be looked into and its contents checked. For better accessibility and handling, it is advisable to cut the exhaust pipe as close to the catalytic converter as possible. If the monolith is not complete, its price is reduced proportionally by the missing part.

Purchase prices for catalysts and particulate filters are updated on a daily basis, according to the current metal price on the stock exchange. This ensures the highest possible purchase price according to our catalogue. We determine the price of the monolith using a balance and spectrometer.


Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer, in CZK or EUR (according to the current exchange rate list).

Photos can also be sent by e-mail:  or by phone: +420 777 775 676